Generating maximal entanglement between spectrally distinct solid-state emitters

David L. Hurst, Kristoffer B. Joanesarson, Jake Iles-Smith, Jesper Mørk, and Pieter Kok

Physical Review Letters 123, 023603 (2019)


We show how to create maximal entanglement between two solid-state emitters embedded in a waveguide Mach-Zehnder interferometer. By tailoring the input to the interferometer, we optimise the concurrence of the emitter qubits states and show that a two-photon input state can generate deterministic maximal entanglement even for emitters with significantly different transition energies and line-widths. The optimal frequency is determined by two competing processes: which-path erasure and interaction strength. We find that smaller spectral overlap can be overcome with higher photon numbers, and quasi-monochromatic photons are optimal for entanglement generation. Our work reveals a rich underlying structure in multi-photon scattering from two non-identical emitters.

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