Nonlinear quantum optics with an electrically tunable quantum dot in a nano-photonic waveguide

D. Hallett, A. P. Foster, D. L. Hurst, B. Royall, P. Kok, E. Clarke, I. E. Itskevich, A. M. Fox, M. S. Skolnick, and L. R. Wilson

Optica 5, 644 (2018)


The generation of indistinguishable single photons and control of photon-photon interactions are key requirements for photonic quantum networks. Nano-photonic waveguide-based architectures, in which few-level solid state systems provide both single photon generation and the nonlinearity through which two or more photons interact, offer a scalable route to such networks. However, it is a challenge to maintain the optical quality of the embedded photon sources whilst also providing fine-tuning of the emission frequency and optical nonlinearity in a waveguide geometry. We demonstrate a tunable solid-state platform for scalable photonic quantum networks which allows local electrical control of both single photon generation and optical nonlinearity at the single photon level. Electrical tuning and switching of coherent photon scattering from a quantum dot embedded in a nano-photonic waveguide is demonstrated, with a transmission extinction as large as 40±2% measured on resonance. Observation of a clear, voltage-controlled bunching signal in the photon statistics of the transmitted light demonstrates the single photon character of the nonlinearity. The deterministic nature of the nonlinearity is particularly attractive for the future realization of photonic gates for scalable nano-photonic waveguide-based quantum information processing.

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