Quantum metrology of spatial deformation using arrays of classical and quantum light emitters

Jasminder S. Sidhu and Pieter Kok

Physical Review A 95, 063829 (2017)


We introduce spatial deformations to an array of light sources and study how the estimation precision of the interspacing distance, d, changes with the sources of light used. The generator of translations, G, in d is derived such that any general deformation may be considered. Contrary to what may have been expected, the higher average mode occupancies of the classical states performs better in estimating d when compared with SPEs---favouring their use over more difficult to prepare quantum sources. This would find applications in evaluating stresses and strains, fracture prevention in materials expressing great sensitivities to deformations and selecting frequency distinguished quantum sources from an array of reference sources. We incorporate imperfect sources to find the estimation protocol remains robust even with poor efficiencies.

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