A new introductory quantum mechanics curriculum

Antje Kohnle, Inna Bozhinova, Dan Browne, Mark Everitt, Aleksejs Fomins, Pieter Kok, Gytis Kulaitis, Martynas Prokopas, Derek Raine, and Elizabeth Swinbank

European Journal of Physics 35, 015001 (2013)


The Institute of Physics New Quantum Curriculum consists of freely available online learning and teaching materials (quantumphysics.iop.org) for a first course in university quantum mechanics starting from two-level systems. This approach immediately immerses students in inherently quantum mechanical aspects by focusing on experiments that have no classical explanation. It allows from the start a discussion of interpretive aspects of quantum mechanics and quantum information theory. This article gives an overview of the resources available at the IOP website. The core text is presented as around 80 articles co-authored by leading experts that are arranged in themes and can be used flexibly to provide a range of alternative approaches. Many of the articles include interactive simulations with accompanying activities and problem sets that can be explored by students to enhance their understanding. Much of the linear algebra needed for this approach is part of the resource. Solutions to activities are available to instructors. The resources can be used in a variety of ways from supplements to existing courses to a complete programme.

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