Preparing multi-partite entanglement of photons and matter qubits

Pieter Kok, Sean D. Barrett and Timothy P. Spiller

Journal of Optics B 7, S166 (2005)


We show how to make event-ready multi-partite entanglement between qubits which may be encoded on photons or matter systems. Entangled states of matter systems, which can also act as single photon sources, can be generated using the entangling operation presented in quant-ph/0408040. We show how to entangle such sources with photon qubits, which may be encoded in the dual rail, polarization or time-bin degrees of freedom. We subsequently demonstrate how projective measurements of the matter qubits can be used to create entangled states of the photons alone. The state of the matter qubits is inherited by the generated photons. Since the entangling operation can be used to generate cluster states of matter qubits for quantum computing, our procedure enables us to create any (entangled) photonic quantum state that can be written as the outcome of a quantum computer.

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