Post-selected versus non-post-selected quantum teleportation using parametric down-conversion

Pieter Kok and Samuel L. Braunstein

Physical Review A 61, 042304 (2000)


We study the experimental realisation of quantum teleportation as performed by Bouwmeester et al. [Nature 390, 575 (1997)] and the adjustments to it suggested by Braunstein and Kimble [Nature 394, 841 (1998)]. These suggestions include the employment of a detector cascade and a relative slow-down of one of the two down-converters. We show that coincidences between photon-pairs from parametric down-conversion automatically probe the non-Poissonian structure of these sources. Furthermore, we find that detector cascading is of limited use, and that modifying the relative strengths of the down-conversion efficiencies will increase the time of the experiment to the order of weeks. Our analysis therefore points to the necessity of single-photon detectors in non-post-selected type experiments, a technology currently requiring roughly 6K operating conditions.

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