Introduction to
Optical Quantum Information Processing

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Quantum information processing offers fundamental improvements over classical information processing, such as computing power, secure communication, and high-precision measurements. However, the construction of quantum information processors is extremely challenging, and there are many proposals how to create practical devices. One approach is to use optical systems, such as photons and electrons that interact with light. After developing the basic concepts in quantum optics and quantum information theory, this textbook describes the techniques that are likely to be used in implementing optical quantum information processors.

Table of Contents

  1. The quantum theory of light
  2. Quantum information processing
  3. Figures of merit
  4. Photon sources and detectors
  5. Quantum communication with single photons
  6. Quantum computation with single photons
  7. Atomic quantum information carriers
  8. Quantum communication with continuous variables
  9. Quantum computation with continuous variables
  10. Atomic ensembles in quantum information processing
  11. Solid state quantum information carriers
  12. Decoherence of solid state qubits
  13. Quantum metrology

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